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Our customer service team is among the best! We are constantly training and developing our professionals so they can best understand your project needs and offer you the best options and surfaces.

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What our clients are saying about us

Helenna Hagnnys Berto Silva
Helenna Hagnnys Berto Silva
KPX has the best professionals... They work efficiently, bringing better results to the client. Trustworthy place.
Karina Arbiza
Karina Arbiza
Excellent work ethic, professionalism, and punctuality. Great customer service. Installation of white quartz on our kitchen countertops, and the island was our first scope of work with this company. Extremely satisfied, we hired them again for the preparation and installation of the countertops for the vanities in our bathrooms. We will continue to work with Disthefanno for sure, as well as without hesitation we will recommend it every time we have the opportunity to do so. Thanks to these great workers!


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